How To Find A Car Rental Agency?

Find a good car rental deal through the maze of diverse companies and services is not an easy task. Between the online site as well as physical store, it might be difficult for you to make the right choice. You can remember the following things before renting a car for you and your family members.


  • First, you need to narrow down your choices to at least three to four car rental agencies that will be in tune with your requirements. You can either visit the online sites or search it by going through the phone book. Look at the inventory of cars and check whether they have a huge array of cars at their disposition.

  • After that, you can call the agency to have a firm idea about their special offers, pick up locations, discounts, drop up arrangements, hotel partnership, insurance, extra charges and other information that will be useful for you.

  • You can rent a car in Sofia airport or choose another pick up location. Some of the organizations send chauffeurs for picking you up while some others pay for the van rides to the pickup location. However, the agency can also ask you to cover the transportation fee yourself. Don’t forget to ask about the pickup location while booking a car.

  • The car rental agencies offer different types of vehicles and you need to decide which one will be suitable for you. If you need a large vehicle, then you can choose SUV or Van. To get a luxury car, go for Executive, Standart, or Station Wagon. The agencies charge more for the luxurious vehicles, so, don’t forget to ask about the rent of the car before renting it. This reduces chance of complication in the future.

Once, you have all the facts that you require, it is time to make the reservation. Some agencies include the reservation fees in the price, however, some can’t. Are you thinking who to choose for car hire in Sofia? Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria provides different types of cars for car rentals. To ensure a safe journey in Sofia and to grasp the capital of the city, rent a car from them. If you have any query regarding this, then call them at 070019002 or check them at


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